Once you formally accept a request, you’re informing the backers of that request that you intend to make a good-faith effort to complete the request as intended. To win that request’s bounty, you’ll have to submit a claim with evidence of your completion good enough to satisfy the backers and our team which will review and approve/deny your claim.

How do I submit evidence of completion?

When you submit a claim for a bounty, you’ll be given the chance to provide evidence or explain why you deserve the bounty in a text field. The specific type of evidence you provide is highly dependent on the details of the request.

Here are some examples:

Type of request Evidence submitted
Request for a chat “I really enjoyed chatting with you on Tuesday afternoon over Superpeer.”
Request for content “Here’s a link to the video you asked for: xxxx”
Request for an event “The show has been scheduled. See the details here (xxxx) and use the code ABC123 to buy tickets here: xxxx”
Request for an appearance “Great meeting you at your party on Saturday night!”
Request for a challenge "Here’s the video of me performing the XYZ challenge: xxxx”

Ultimately, your goal is to submit evidence that will satisfy your backers. If you submit evidence that doesn’t adequately convince backers or our team that you successfully completed the request, your claim to the bounty will be denied and you’ll have to submit a new claim with new evidence to try again.